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Kumaran’s mission

to bring his message of hope and health to addicts

Managing Director
Dr. B.Kumaran SE & DC
Managing Director

During the early years of his recovery, he felt strongly that he has to share with his Sponsors and members. Kumaran’s mission to bring his message of hope and health to addicts. Because he himself also an chronic alcoholic addict and he faced so many problems in his early life due to alcoholic addiction. His family also was affected due to his alcoholic addiction they don't know how to handle him and suffered a lot and they were insulted by neighbours and relatives because of his addiction.

At first Kumaran's family took him to a temple they asked him to perform certain rites and rituals and when that did not work, they went on to try out medicines. When this too was not working, they found a doctor, who put the man on certain drugs which were meant to take care of his craving and also stabilising his mood.

This too did not really help. What happened was the man started enjoying the so-called “euphoric high” the anti-depressants caused and soon began to abuse them. Very few people are aware of addiction being a ‘chronic disease’ that ravages not only the body but even the soul.

According to the World Health Organisation, it affects a person in a three dimensional ways: physical craving, mingled with obsessive thought, resulting in spiritual bankruptcy.

Alcoholics who begin with one drink will not be able to stop with just two drinks and would then go on to drink more and more until they start behaving obnoxiously or just simply pass out. This pattern continues until their existence becomes completely unmanageable in terms of their personal, professional and social life.

The alcoholic will not want to acknowledge that he has a problem. This is because of alcoholism and ignorance, So he will blame others for his Manipulation attitude. The alcoholic will say that my wife does not understand me, or, my boss and friends do not understand me,” and, finally, he will blame God for giving him a raw deal in life when he runs are out of excuses.

Unfortunately, the younger generation is also unaware of the perils of addiction - when the pleasure turns into a habit and the habit into addiction. Here we are also talking about behavioural addiction like the Internet, porn, gambling, eating and sex.

Does any of this sound familiar? Now, the good news is that THERE IS A CURE! Addicts need to undergo a complete change in their thinking. This metamorphosis can take place when they are made aware of their problem. Therefore, helping them acknowledge their addiction with the support of a professional and compassionate team.

There is also support like Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous where addicts meet others who have managed to come out of their addiction and are leading normal lives. Once they have undergone initial treatment for their withdrawal, also known as detoxification, from alcohol or drugs, they could try out these support groups.

There are Rehabilitation Centres if addicts are not comfortable attending meetings where they are taught how to once again lead normal productive lives following a structured program. It is rather unfortunate that our society attaches a stigma to all kinds of addictions which, in turn, discourages addicts, making it difficult for them to accept the fact that they have a problem.

I implore all those people out there who lack an understanding of addiction not to deal with the situation on their own as it does not always work that way. The families end up being “enablers” by suppressing and not addressing the issue, inadvertently, encouraging addiction. And therein lies the problem. Help may be closer than you think when you reach out in the right direction.

The Writer, Who was once an addict himself in alcohol and recoverd from the addiction and found the Miracle Foundation at Chennai to help the Addicted people to start a new life.